What is Hawte?

Hawte is a dedicated team that provides assistance both virtually and live. It is a team that provides the finest service and assistance with a concierge feel. Currently serving clients in Austin area.

Will you make purchases for me?

Yes. Hawte is able to make purchases on your behalf. We keep on file all data that you provide. All purchases must be approved by you and remain within our terms of use.

When will I hear back?

Hawte works on requests and the team is available Monday through Sunday from 9am-5pm. In most cases, requests are responded to within an hour usually even less than that.

What are requests?

A request is anything you would like us to do that can be completed virtually or on-site. If your request requires more time, we will let you know and we can go from there.

Will you also run errands for me?

Hawte provides both virtual and onsite assistance services. We can deliver, pick up and provide concierge service of any kind within reason. If we can’t we can coordinate that for you instead.

Can you do tasks as soon as possible?

We can handle most time-sensitive tasks within reason. Please type ”ASAP” and note the deadline by which you need the task completed. There is a surcharge for ASAP tasks.

Will there be membership in the future?

We hope to be able to provide membership in the future for our loyal customers as well as anyone who wants to be become an exclusive member.